Your Clients Decoded

The more clarity and confidence we have about who we are and our purpose, the deeper the understanding we have about those we are here to connect and create with.... and more importantly, what they need from us!


By Design

This is a deep dive into your Human Design and the energies you are here to express. How would you like to discover what motivates you to take aligned action and what causes your people to procrastinate.


Intuitively Led

This is a guided experience to get you out of your head and into your design. This workshop will inspire you to remember and embrace your highest frequencies. How powerful would it be to know where you are most empathetic and your clients need to be held in safety?


Tools & Tactics

Take real action on what you learn. Be inspired to re-write your website, your sales page. Learn who and what you are available for and create the siren's song that draws forth your people.

Your Clients Decoded: A Two Day Intensive

Information and inspiration you can take action on immediately!

We are each perfectly designed to fulfill our purpose in this life, but after years of "shoulding" on ourselves, we have forgotten that we have our own path and that it is written into our very DNA. Sometimes we need a little inspiration, perhaps even permission, to fully embrace ourselves and our native energies.

If you're anything like me, you've become bored and dissatisfied with your business. You like what you do, but your income and your impact have plateaued. A part of you might be contemplating burning it all down and starting over - doing something that excites you, that stirs your blood.

However, when you view yourself, your purpose, and your clients through Human Design, a cosmic alignment lens, you begin to remember your own magnificence, and your impact and income becomes amplified.

As part of the two-day workshop, you will receive a personalized workbook, spotlight coaching, and tools to take immediate action. We'll dive deep into your shadows and gifts and then discuss ways to use that information to help you formulate a message that will immediately resonate with your people.

Your clients will know they have found the place they belong. They will know that they are seen and heard. And because all of your gifts are for yourself first, your vision for what is possible will become unfettered, reigniting your joy and satisfaction in what you do and who you get to do it with.

What People Are Saying....

Reka Juhasz | Owner | Paperreka

"I barely have words. The way this connected who I am, how I show up, what my shadows are and the deep understanding of myself that human design brings that in turn connects with my life's purpose and what my people need from me? Mind blown! I want everyone to feel like you made me feel."

Jackie Johnstone | HD Mentor |

"Exploring the Gene Keys with you let me see myself and my clients so much more clearly it was like a switch flipped on inside me and copy is just pouring out.

I feel so lit up and have so much new momentum and excitement for my business. Thank you, more please!"

Becky Swanson | Owner | Bloom & Shine Energy Design

Because of your workshop I have a blueprint for speaking straight to my (future) clients’ as well as the ability to express who I am, what I’m here to do without any attachment to “getting” clients.

It's Time to Decode

A workshop to inspire entrepreneurs to embrace their unique human design and show up unapologetically aligned in their business. Plus tools to magnetize soulmate clients and amplify their impact and income.

When you decode yourself, you release all the "should be's" and embrace all of your "I am's"!

Choose the workshop that works for you;

April 18th & 19th

May 16th & 17th

June 27th & 28th

10 am to 2 pm Pacific / 1 pm to 5 pm Eastern each day.

If I get at 4 least sign-ups for Europe/Australia we will work together to come up with a time that is more suitable for your time zones




A 45-minute 1:1 after-action call with me to help you dive deeper and dial in your message!

Your Human Design Upward Spiral Report shows you exactly how to use your design to get out of the downward spiral.  You know the one I mean - the one where you're stuck in analysis paralysis, scared of your own power, and self-sabotage.   The Upward Spiral reveals exactly what energies to lean into to stop the spiral and get back into action.

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