First, an apology....

The entire Accounting & Bookkeeping industry owes you an apology.

They have failed you. They have failed to encourage you to live up to your highest self.

They have failed to educate you on all the things that can and will drive profitability in your business.

They have failed to empower you to do the work you love, instead making you feel bad about not being able to do it all.

They have let the scarcity inherent in their training color their advice to you.

I am deeply sorry if you have ever ended a conversation with your accountant feeling lost, stupid, or even worse, hopeless.

You are none of these things.

You are brilliant at what you do.

You are resourceful to have come this far. You did the hard thing - you built a business that is having a positive impact on this world.

Take your victory lap. Celebrate all that you have accomplished. Allow it in. Let it soak into your bones.


And even if you never book a call or buy a program from us we celebrate YOU!

Shaneh Woods, Prosperity First

The Prosperity First Framework

Our clients are actively, consciously, choosing to step into their Wealthy CEO Era and that necessitates some belief shifts.  Our entire framework is designed to help you navigate these crazy waters with ease.

  • Reverse Engineer Your Wealth: Without reverse engineering your sales goals from your most audacious personal goal, no amount of money will ever feel like enough.
  • Upgrade your Scaffolding: Expand your thinking about what's possible when you have the best support, the most engaged team, the perfect tech stack, and all your systems working without a hiccup.
  • Reframe Wanting More: Some believe that wanting more than you need is bad - the truth is that the more wealth that flows through your hands, the more good that circulates into the universe.
  • Scale by Thinking Better:  Better customer service, better systems, better teams, better skills - bigger without burnout will be the result.
  • Unlock your Data for Big Wealth: Examine the data without judgment - it's just data. It doesn't change your worth, but it might change your direction for the better.
  • Align to your Money Design™: Get out of your head and into your body. Work with the energy of money instead of ignoring it or, worse, against it.
  • Amplify your Impact: More money equals greater impact.  Cliche, I know, but only because it's true.  Your impact is amplified when you allow yourself to be impacted first.

Our values inform all that we do. They are;



It is audacious to believe and live this simple but profound truth;

YOU must take care of yourself first.

Profit from your company is for you... first.

Time off away from the hustle and bustle is for you... first.

The gifts of your genius are for you... first.

When you take care of yourself first, you will always have more to give. The impact you are here to have will ripple out further than you can imagine when living your best life...for yourself FIRST!



Most of us have been programmed by society to believe that we must work really, really, REALLY hard to make good money and to make a difference.

Ease is a state of surrender and trust. It is leaping into the unknown and forming your wings on the way down. Wild with rebellious color, shaped to gather wind and water. Like nature, the gift of ease is shaped by wild, organic, unpredictable energy. There is technicolor magic in the dreaming; your genius takes those wild, unruly dreams and makes them a reality.​

How easy are you willing to allow this to be?



The very nature of our four-word definition of Prosperity, "Thank you, more please!" is one of joy.  It starts with gratitude for all we have and unapologetically asks for more.

The energy of money, the heart of the Law of Attraction, the bedrock of manifesting all that you desire, and the collapsing of time is Joy.  Finding joy in the mundane and the Universe will serve up the extraordinary.

Celebrate every yes.

Celebrate every no.

Find the joy in every breath.

Bridging the divide between where you are and where you want to be

We help reverse-engineer your business to support your most audacious personal goals, reframing your belief systems and giving you the tools to think bigger about the support you deserve.

You’re building your future, and your dreams of changing the world need magical and mundane systems to uphold their beautiful magnitude.



With 20+ years of financial management, the one thing I know to be absolute truth is that all the tools and tactics in the world will not allow you to have the impact you are here to have. Not on their own anyway.

Mindset work, breathwork, subconscious transformation - releasing old stories, accepting the gifts of your wounds. When you add this dash of fairy dust to your business, your growth and impact exponentially increase.

When you celebrate every penny coming in and every penny going out and track it all, that's when the magic happens. There is a cliche that I love: "Energy flows where attention goes."


Intersecting the

The intersection of magic and the mundane is where you will see your strengths magnified, your joy amplified, your magic alchemized and YOU will be in demand.



We deploy the tools and tactics of an innovative accounting firm. We offer fractional CFO work, bookkeeping, budgeting, and many more mundane tools needed to scale beyond the vaunted six figures.

We dive deep to get to know you, your business, and your goals and aspirations. We don’t just crunch your numbers - we show you what they mean.

The clients we partner with are on a journey of self-discovery, and together, we connect their business goals to their divine purpose. We do this through listening and collaboration, not analyzing and dictating. Together, we can help you make an enormous impact in the world!

Prosperity First is ready to help you maximize the profit in your business and amplify the prosperity in your life.

Email us at or fill out our contact form.

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