First, an apology....

On behalf of the entire Accounting & Bookkeeping industry, I owe you an apology. We have failed you. We have failed to encourage you to live up to your highest self. We have failed to educate you on all the things that can and will drive profitability in your business. We have failed to empower you to do the work you love, instead making you feel bad about not being able to do it all.

I am deeply sorry if you have ever ended a conversation with your accountant feeling lost, stupid, or even worse, hopeless. You are none of these things. You are brilliant at what you do. You are resourceful to have come this far. You are completely capable of becoming profitable and living the life you dream of. And, we're here to support you every step of the way. We have thrown the old, tired, traditional accounting mentality out of the fucking building and are ready to step up and take the leap with you. Let’s do this thing!


Prosperity First Defined

On the home page we've placed our definition of "Prosperity" front and center. And it bears repeating - "Prosperity is unapologetically asking for and receiving all that you desire and in greater abundance than can be imagined in the present moment. Or, summed up in four words.... Thank you, More Please!"

It took more than two years to come up with that definition. In the time of COVID-19, we have come to recognize that the word "first" needs as much consideration.

Our clients are here in this time and space to have massive impact, and they know it. They are the pebble in the pond, the single first splash that ripples out - changing the very shape and sound of reality. We, they, YOU, must take care of self first. Profit from your company is for you... first. Time off away from the hustle and bustle is for you... first. The gifts of your genius are for you... first.

When you take care of yourself first you will always have more to give. The impact you are here to have will ripple out further than you can imagine when you are living your best life...for yourself FIRST!

The Prosperity First Approach

Our values inform all that we do. They are;



The foundation of true prosperity is being unapologetically you. There are no two ways about it: there are parts of yourself that you are scared to share out of fear of turning off potential clients.

If you keep apologizing for who you are and what you want there isn't anything I can do to help.

But, if you're willing to entertain even the idea that you are perfectly designed for your purpose, that everything that has happened to you happened for a reason, and that money is simply energy, then you will realize that your rise takes nothing away from another and in fact helps all of those around you to gain greater heights.​



Many business owners have been programmed by society to believe that they must work really, really, REALLY hard to make good money and to make a difference.

Ease is a state of surrender and trust. It is leaping into the unknown and forming your wings on the way down. Wild with rebellious color, shaped to gather wind and water. Like nature, the gift of ease is shaped by wild, organic, unpredictable energy. There is technicolor magic in the dreaming and your genius takes those wild unruly dreams and makes them a reality.​

How easy are you willing to allow this to be?



Grace can be defined as the unmerited gift of forgiveness and blessings. There is nothing we need to do to deserve either. We get both simply because we exist.

Grace gives us the gift of inspiration when the rest of the world seems to be going crazy


Celebration of all that comes our way is the epitome of grace. As we choose to see how everything happens for a reason we stop wasting our time, energy, and money on answering the "why me?" question.

Here are some of the professionals we work with:

Coaches, speakers, authors, artists, and consultants. Energy healers, naturopaths, massage therapists, and kinesiologists. Graphic designers, photographers, web designers, and copy writers.


About Prosperity First

We help entrepreneurs claim the prosperity they desire while having the impact they crave.



With 20+ years of financial management the one thing I know to be absolute truth is that the all the tools and tactics in the world will not allow you to have the impact you are here to have. Not on their own anyways.

Mindset work, breathwork, subconscious transformation - releasing old stories, accepting the gifts of your wounds. When you add this dash of fairy dust to your business your growth and your impact is exponentially more.

When you celebrate every penny coming in, every penny going out and track it all the magic happens. There is a cliche that I love "energy flows where attention goes."


Intersecting the

The intersection of magic and the mundane is where you will see your strengths magnified, your joy amplified, your magic alchemized and YOU will be in demand.



We deploy the tools and tactics of an innovative accounting firm. We offer fractional CFO work, bookkeeping, budgeting, and many more of the mundane tools that are needed to scale beyond the vaunted six-figures.

We dive deep to get to know you, your business, and your goals and aspirations. We don’t just crunch your numbers - we show you what they mean.

The clients we partner with are on a journey of self-discovery and together we connect their business goals to their divine purpose. We do this through listening and collaboration not analyzing and dictating. Together we can help you make an enormous impact in the world!

Contact Prosperity First to find out more about how working with us can maximize the profit in your business and amplify the prosperity in your life!

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