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do you catch yourself thinking any of these?

I'm tired of pouring all my profits back into my business!

I want to take more home but I'm not sure what my business can afford.

Numbers have never been "my thing" ...

How can I make more money? I'm already working more hours than I want.

It's time to start scaling.  What does that mean for me?

You can write a new story.....

Imagine your business scaling beyond six figures while you work fewer hours and with more ease.

Imagine only working with people who light you up because you, and they, know to the bones that you’re meant to co-create a better world together.

Imagine your bookkeeping done and up to date with reports that make sense.

Imagine having a business that supports you instead of the other way around.

Imagine a team that is fully engaged and all rowing in the same direction.

Imagine having a strategic partner to help you negotiate that next big deal or talk you off the ledge when it all feels like it's all going pear-shaped.

Imagine having an Infinite Money Mindset and knowing in your bones that you are profoundly supported in all ways....

biz man

Why Prosperity First? Simple, we help you get more:

First, let's define prosperity. Prosperity is unapologetically asking for and receiving all that you desire and in greater abundance than you can imagine in the present moment. Or, summed up in four words... Thank you, More Please!

An Infinite Money Mindset starts with being deeply grateful for everything you have now and joyfully asking for more.  More money, more time, more energy.... just more...



Take back the time you have spent on tasks that you hate, time spent worrying, time spent second guessing your gifts and genius. Partnering with Prosperity First gives you more time to do the work you truly love.



Shame free crystalline clarity around your money. Know where it is going, where it is coming from and how to increase the flow...easily!



Do only the work that lights you up with people who refill and recharge you.  As you grow, your business grows. As you claim prosperity for yourself, you will help the world prosper.


"Shaneh and her team are AWESOME! They have been handling my Payroll and Accounting and do an outstanding job. Would highly recommend their services to anyone who would like to make their life easier"

Gaelan Smith

"Prosperity First has been an integral part of our success for over 20 years. Do what you were born to do, let Prosperity First do the stuff that has to be done!"


"Prosperity First offers us a solution that literally takes all of the office work off our hands, and allow us to focus on our business. Since we went to them for all of our bookkeeping, we have been able to grow without the constant job of making sure customers are billed, and vendors are getting paid."



These are some of the professionals we work with:

Marketing Agencies, PR Firms, Software Engineers, SaaS Creators, Property Management Companies, Short-Term Rentals, Lawyers, Doctors, and Coaches.

Are you the type to jump in with both feet?

If so, you can jump onto my schedule now for a free clarity call.

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