You’ve heard the call. You've found your purpose.

We know how you dream of co-creating a better world with your clients. Impacting them on such a profound level that reality itself changes shape.

When you have tattooed on bone knowledge of your self-worth. when you stand unapologetic in all your glory, when you have shame-free crystalline clarity around your numbers, when you can make decisions with ease and confidence and you co-create your business with source and aligned partners then all that AND more is possible.

You might not believe this falling in love with your numbers is a magical first step.


We are Certified Profit First Bookkeepers.

We only work with clients who are ready to go on the Prosperity First journey and implement Profit First in their business.

Profit First is the only cash management system that works with our natural human tendency to do “Bank Balance Accounting.”

Here’s what I mean, you’re out shopping or browsing online and something catches your eye. Maybe it’s the latest tech gadget, or perhaps a snazzy new course. So you whip out your phone, and check your bank balance, “Eureka!” you exclaim and spend 1,999 of the 2,000 shown. But you forgot about the checks you cut yesterday that haven’t cleared the account yet. You’ve done it, I’ve done it, we’ve all done it.

Now imagine making your bank balance accounting work FOR you by first allocating money to profit and other accounts so that what you see is indeed what you have available. That’s Profit First, and together we’ll help you naturally adjust your spending habits.

For the first time when your tax preparer says “Congratulations, you’ve made a profit!” it won’t just be a line on the tax return – it will be money in the bank!

Prosperity First can take over any or all of your bookkeeping and when combined with our Money Coaching you are sure to fall in love with your numbers.

We can help you with:

  • Profit First Coaching, Assessments, and Management
  • Accounts Payable (bills, subcontractor payments, etc.)
  • Financial Statement (budgets, balance sheets, profit & loss, etc.)
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Accounts Receivable (invoicing, receiving payments, collections, etc.)
  • Accounting Rebuilds & Entering Historical Data
  • Fractional CFO Services and Money Coaching

Our levels of service include:



If you're good at handling your books, but want a second set of eyes to make sure everything’s on track and that you are implementing Profit First correctly, then oversight is for you! We’ll check in once a quarter to fill you in on how your business is doing and leave the rest to you, but we're always a call away.


Helping Hand

If you need help with just one aspect of your bookkeeping, then helping hand is your jam. Say you’ve got your sales process down but don’t know the right way to track your expenses, or maybe you do everything by hand but would like an excellent clean report each month showing you the health of your business. Call us and tell us where you need help!



If you never want to have to touch your books, then 24/7 service is for you. We can pay your bills, send your invoices, and collect money for you! Plus we'll ensure that Profit First is happening, and be your partner to bounce ideas off. We’ll be there whenever you need us.

Contact Prosperity First to find out more about how working with us can maximize the profit in your business and amplify the prosperity in your life!

Option 1: Jump on Shaneh's calendar and book your free clarity call.

Option 2: Email us at or fill out our contact form.

Option 3: Contact Prosperity First at 937.404.1995

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