Profit Doesn't Just Happen To You - You Get To
Engineer it From This Point Forward

It’s time for you to transform your relationship with money, ignite the flame inside of you to receive the wealth you desire, and take the practical, strategic steps leading you toward concrete prosperity that lasts…

Are you ready to unleash the magic of your money?

just imagine a business that supports and celebrates you, while it makes you serious cash in the process!

You do want to live the life you’ve always desired, right?

And you wanna be excited and stimulated by your work, yeah?

There’s no reason why you can’t have a business that fills you with joy, AND makes serious bank.

You can have it all.

The business where you get to spend most of your time doing the work that lights you up.

The business that always makes a profit and can pay its bills on time every time.

The business that pays you... FIRST!

The business that is having the massive positive impact you crave and that your brilliant work deserves.

The business that gladly and abundantly gives back to the causes near and dear to your heart.

All of this and more is possible when you align with your Money Design and unleash your prosperity.


Does this resonate?

Right now, even the thought of looking at your numbers and putting a plan together to reach the income goals you desire feels super overwhelming and daunting.

You don’t even know where to start.

You keep telling yourself “I’m no good with money, and I'm not even sure how to make more!”

The income goals you’d love to set for yourself feel out of reach - maybe even impossible.

But they’re not.

Look - I know that managing your money and tracking your income feels like a mundane chore.

And when you’re not bringing in the money you truly desire, then shame, fear, and doubt can infect your money stories, and begin to hold you back massively, both in your business and bank account.

Here at Prosperity Unleashed, I make the mundane magical.

I want you to walk away with crystalline clarity about your money.

I want you to create limitless wealth, time freedom, and impact, on your terms.

I know that, like my past clients who came to me telling me they couldn’t ever imagine making the money they do now, you’re going to be floored when you discover what you can do.

And I guarantee that the way in which I will help you do this is different from anything else you’ve ever seen.

Why join us?

One word.


Prosperity is so, so much more than just making lots of money (though that does come into it, of course!).

It’s about long-term wealth. The freedom you have. The impact you make. The difference you bring to the world.

The first step is releasing all of your self-sabotaging money stories and transmuting them into new, empowering narratives that permanently ignite your ability to receive.

The BS we tell ourselves about how ‘hard’ or ‘difficult’ it is to make money cages us in. And honey, I’m all about setting you free!

I am here to help you unleash yourself from that cage!

You CAN amplify, magnify, and alchemize the magic of your money - and it can be done with ease and flow.


You will have learned how to permanently transform your money stories so that you can finally receive all your heart’s desires without getting in your own way.

You will have doubled, tripled, and maybe even quadrupled not only the volume but the magic of your money.

You will have harnessed your personal strengths, as well as uncovered and designed your unique path to prosperity.

You will be integrating powerful daily practices into your life that enable you to manage your money and receive more wealth.

This time around I’ll be running the program LIVE so you’ll be provided with hand-holding, heart-holding, and tailored support to ensure you are reaching your goals.

Read on to learn how this will work, or, if you are feeling called, you know what to do…


By Design

Prosperity must start with unapologetically being your full and unique self. Learning and embracing your Money Design is just the beginning.


Soul Led

You’ll learn how to take soul-inspired, aligned action so that you are empowered to ask and receive in greater abundance than you can currently imagine.


Tools & Tactics

You will receive a chest full of both mundane and magical tools that allow you to systematize great decisions and have shame-free, crystalline clarity about your money.


Prosperity Unleashed is a hybrid program with both content training and live coaching conversations.

Unlike other money-focused programs, this is a fun, interactive process that you will align with completely, because I ensure you learn, understand and embrace your Money Design.

That’s right - you will only make plans and goals based on your entirely unique design.

6 Live Coaching and Q&A Calls

Weekly live calls with spotlight coaching and conversation to learn and connect. I may lead the group, but you bring the magic...

Private Voxer Group

Connect, support, and be supported by others on the same journey.

Assessments & Readings Galore!

Human Design Report - Profit First Assessment - And that's just the beginning....


Reka Juhasz | Owner | Paperreka

"You will find NO OTHER accountant in the whole wide world who will take care of you, uphold you, and nurture you like Shaneh. She is my mentor, my confidant, my secret cheerleader. I don't even know why she is called an accountant. Sure, I am getting clear on my money, but hot damn also on so much more!"


Tina Mason | Owner | On A Ledger

"I'm an engineer and an accountant so hiring a coach who is as spiritual and free-thinking as Shaneh was a huge stretch for me. Shaneh has the heart and soul of a coach, and she has practical tools that cement her knowledge into my daily practices.  My business has skyrocketed since working with Shaneh - but more importantly, so has my spirit."  


Kelly Ferguson | Owner | Ferguson Avenue

"Yes, my accountant is Dope AF! Shaneh, you are a dream come true. Thank you for all the ways you encourage, educate and empower me and my business. I'm so grateful for you and Prosperity First!"


Get ready to experience an easier energetic and tactical way to increase your business profits!

You are NOT “no good with money”.

You just don’t know - and are therefore not aligned with - your unique money design.


  • Discovering your unique money design and how to use it to make more money in a fun and easeful way
  • Understanding why things have felt so damn hard and how to make them easier
  • How to get off the cash flow rollercoaster and onto the gravy train
  • The ways you've been "shoulding" all over yourself and your business so that going forward you only make decisions from an aligned and empowered position
  • Uncovering the hidden self-sabotage patterns that are keeping you in a never-ending money plateau.

Whether you're just starting out or have been in business for several years, you'll get at least three massive insights and practical actions you can implement immediately to reignite the joy in your business and unleash the prosperity you've been craving.

The promise…

I've been working with business owners for over 29 years to help them make more money in ways that feel easy, fun, and realistic to them.

And I haven’t failed yet.

When you show up as your full, authentic self, and immerse yourself in the training, coaching sessions, and content, plus take full responsibility for your results, you will have an entirely new relationship with your money and your business.

If your 2024 books aren't updated before you start the program, they will be before you finish. You will also have an easy-to-implement 20-minute routine each week that will keep your books in order for next year and beyond!

I will support you in integrating your unique Money Design into your business and you will be able to fully implement Profit First, a transformational cash management methodology that gives every penny a job to do - and it starts with you taking your portion first!

If you've been wanting to make more money and feel REALLY F*CKIN’ GOOD doing it, this training is perfect for you!

EPIC DISCOUNT - Normally $5,555


What you'll get:

Your full Money Design Report that not only explains your personal path to prosperity but shows you how to walk the path
A Breathwork Audio Session that will help you release the anger, shame, fear, and doubt that may have infected your money story
3 Live training sessions which will take you deeper and deeper into your aligned money journey, and introduce you to a wonderful blend of both magic and practical tools for managing your money
3 live Spotlight Coaching calls so that you can ask any and all questions and get deep, genuinely useful insights into how you can implement what you learn in the training into your business
Space to process and implement - this program is designed to take care of your nervous system as you expand your capacity to receive
A Private Voxer Group to get real-time support when you are in the goo & to have a safe place to celebrate every next step and win.
A Profit First Assessment which will help you to start making the very best of your money with immediate effect
Plus some surprises and special guests!


A 30-minute 1-to-1 prework session with me to dial in and set your intentions
Two 30-minute 1-to-1 wildcard calls to use at any time during our journey together - the perfect addition for when you require extra support, or to simply ask me anything with extra personal attention

Hi I'm Shaneh Woods - Welcome to my world!

I’m a Profit Engineer, Human Design Expert, and the Founder and CEO of Prosperity First.

Some people see accounting as mundane. I see it as magical. On one hand, just numbers, on the other, sheer poetry. Numbers have a rhythm. Poetry has a rhyme. I can't help but count every step, every brick, every petal, every line.

I quantify data for fun..... (yeah, totally not joking)

That part of me loves all the tools and tactics, the spreadsheets, budgets, and balance sheets. But I shine when I mix the magic with the mundane. When I dance with numbers in a world of music, color, and wonder.

After 29 years of doing this, I can say that helping my clients reclaim their dreams and demand their desires is like a starlit symphony that inspires me to live on the edge of creation, filtering all the possibilities, and speaking a new reality into existence.

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