Perfect Design

Who wants to talk Human Design?

I’m seeing it mentioned in dozens of groups on Facebook these days (which makes this girl sooooo happy).

I’ve seen it dismissed, embraced, celebrated, and questioned.

And I love ALL of it.

Human Design needs to be torn apart, examined, and rewritten.

I got into Human Design to disprove it. I was so angry by what had been shared with me – I was told it was a good thing I chose not to have children, I was told I shouldn’t share a bed with my husband.

I’ve had clients come to me and share their stories of being told how “hard” they would find marketing their business or that they didn’t have a “true” purpose.

What the actual fuck?!?

Perhaps you’ve had a similar experience?

As I dove deep into Human Design I realized the problem wasn’t with its truth – because the deeper I went the more accurate and inspiring it became – the problem was with the language and the presentation.

Human Design when shared my way is empowering, uplifting, captivating, revealing, magical, affirming, delightful and magnetizing. (I’d try to stuff a few more adjectives in there, but I think you get the point)

The way I do Human Design is to display the mirror of your highest self and call you to rise into them. I give you tools to embody your gifts, awareness when you are operating from an unconscious position and I paint with words the story of your energetic purpose and how to call forth all the resources you need in support of that purpose.

Leaning into your Human Design is one of those Million Dollar Decisions we all love to talk about.

I would love to introduce you to your perfect for your purpose self give you the ultimate permission slip to show up to your business fully in your power.

Are you ready for all of that?

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