IMPORTANT! Please complete these steps before your call...

Step 1: Add the date and time of our call to your calendar now.

Step 2: Be Clear on the agenda for our call:

  • Deep Dive: We’ll discover your biggest blindspots & challenges.
  • Opportunities: We’ll walk through the biggest opportunities you have for reducing your money leaks.
  • Personalized Plan: If it seems like we’d be a good fit, I’ll walk you through how I can help you unleash the magic of your money.

"You will find NO OTHER accountant in the whole wide world who will take care of you, uphold you, and nurture you like Shaneh. She is my mentor, my confidant, my secret cheerleader. I don't even know why she is called an accountant. Sure, I am getting clear on my money, but hot damn also on so much more!"

Owner - Paperreka

I'm an engineer and an accountant so hiring a coach who is as spiritual and free-thinking as Shaneh was a huge stretch for me.  But I knew she was "the one" when she spent 2 hours - having barely met me once - sharing her love of music with me while I was stranded at an airport.  I knew that this unfailing devotion to genuineness and generosity could bring nothing but splendor into my life and into my business.  And I was right.  Shaneh has the heart and soul of a coach, and she has practical tools that cement her knowledge into my daily practices.  My business has skyrocketed since working with Shaneh - but more importantly, so has my spirit. 

Owner - On A Ledger Accounting

Yes, my accountant is Dope AF!  Shaneh, you are a dream come true. Thank you for all the ways you encourage, educate and empower me and my business. I'm so grateful for you and Prosperity First!

Owner - Ferguson Avenue
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