All the emotions

Embracing my human design has helped me appreciate and be grateful for my great big feelings. I love that I can cry at the drop of a hat or because the sunrise is just so damn beautiful.

I love that the weirdest things tickle my funny bone – particularly really really bad puns.

I love that words and lyrics can transport me to new worlds and unheard levels of ecstasy.

I love that even in my lows – when all my emotions feel overwhelming – that I still allow myself to feel it all.

I am a creature of feelings and those feelings color all my experiences.

I am so grateful for this particular paintbrush – it gives depth to every experience.

I believe all emotions are here for a purpose – those we label good and those we label bad. They are here to heal.

And, so darling, I encourage you to let it hurt, let it heal and, only then, let it go!

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