Version 5.0

Let me introduce Shaneh F Woods version 5.0 – she’s not quite fully formed yet but I can sense her evolution. Yesterday was day one of my subconscious transformation training so that I can facilitate even greater change with my clients.

I have no idea yet what that’s going to look like but I am excited to find out. One thing I know for sure – my gifts, these teachings, are for me first – I can not give that which I do not have.

Guess what? That’s true for you too!

My clients are here in this time and space to have massive impact, and they know it.

They are the pebble in the pond, the single first splash that ripples out – changing the very shape and sound of reality. I, they, YOU, must take care of self first.

Profit from your company is for you… first.

Time off away from the hustle and bustle is for you… first.

The gifts of your genius are for you… first.

When you take care of yourself first you will always have more to give.

The impact you are here to have will ripple out further than you can imagine when you are living your best life…for yourself FIRST!

I can’t wait to see what happens next on this journey. Jump aboard – this ride is going to be full of light and shadows, magic and madness, laughter and joy, and above all else life-changing!

So this is what exiting the COVID Chrysalis feels like!

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