e³ Services: Bookkeeping, Profit First | Meet Shaneh Woods
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About Our Founder

I’m Shaneh Woods – Ring Master and resident Number Tamer. I’m a ‘bookwyrm’, a music lover, a candy maker and the owner of e³ Services. I’m from Alaska, North Pole, Alaska to be precise, but please, no Santa jokes.

It is a pure joy to walk a path and help you reach your life’s purpose.

This is my passion. When we work together, and you get that “Aha” moment that leads to the path to prosperity, my soul lights up. Helping you is what I came here to do!


When I’m not taming numbers with my brilliant team I travel all over the United States in search of excellent live music.


Here’s one of my favorites:

I am an entrepreneurial accountant, Profit First Certified bookkeeper and a Ziglar Certified speaker, trainer, and coach.

Why is this important? I’m a voracious reader, and interested in the pursuit of knowledge for business development.


These 2 things are the best I have found in the world of business.

What is Profit First to me?

It’s a lot more than bookkeeping; it’s a philosophy. It focuses on you getting to live the life you want first, not last.


So many of us learned in business to pay all of the bills first and whatever is left over is our reward, but this is a broken model.


I’ll show you what happens when you pay yourself first in business and you’ll reap the benefits of surprising results and see your manifesting potential go through the roof.


You are going to adore me, I guarantee it.

Who is Zig Ziglar to me?

Zig Ziglar was a fantastic man and a pioneer, and his legacy is a foundation of ethics, character, trust, and integrity. His work is the touchstone of all I do , and it’s how I teach you to manifest your rewarding life.