I keep having the same dream over and over – It’s hazy and I can’t see all the details but I hear a voice and a massive repeating boom between words…

The BOOM savage BOOM march BOOM of BOOM time – then a final BOOM that shakes and rattles me until I fly apart.

I don’t know where I heard the phrase – honestly, it sounds like a song lyric but there is nothing musical about my dream.

I don’t dread time marching on – I don’t want to wish away my hours or my days. I’m not scared of dying and the end of me – because I don’t believe we end.

I’ve been talking recently about the difference been sharing our truth and our wisdom with my Projector clients. My truth includes weird dreams, random musings, laughing like a loon, dancing in celebration, not always having the right words, hermiting just because, food as a love language, and that barely scratches the surface.

My wisdom is my work as the CFO, Money Coach, and HD expert for impact-driven entrepreneurs – I love what I do and I particularly love who I get to do it with.

Sometimes I feel as though time is running out on my wisdom – that if I don’t figure out the “right” way to share it that I’ll miss out….. Then I remember – we can’t surrender with an agenda.

I trust that all things happen in the time and space they are meant to and it gets to be EASY.

I’m ready to fly apart and to reform on the next resounding boom – time no longer controls me and there is nothing savage about the path I am on….

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