Accounting with a Twist

You’ve outgrown traditional accounting: it’s just not cutting it anymore. You’re ready for the uplevel of the century, and typical bookkeeping practices, agencies, and accountants are… falling short.

You want a co-creative partnership that will support you in building a business that gives you more than it takes.

That's where we and our unique approach come in;  The Prosperity First team is ready to help you unleash your gifts on the world. To inspire you to bring even more of you to more of your work. To bring the soul back to your strategy. All without burnout.

You know your industry inside and out. You’re considered an expert in your field.

You’ve got a solid base of clients, good relationships with your vendors, and an excellent service to sell. And you're here because you recognize it’s time to level UP.

Perhaps you’ve taken the time recently to evaluate who you are, how you show up in the world, and the impact you are here to have.

You know that the right Accountant or CFO can help you reach new heights faster than you can on your own but that a "typical" one just won't do.....

You’re ready for Accounting with a Twist.


What is an Accountant with a Twist?

In simple terms, it’s a partnership.

We will partner with you to rediscover your goals and dreams – and unleash your personal magic so you can make those dreams a reality.

We start by reverse engineering your sales goals from your biggest, most audacious personal goal.

Then we dive deep into your Money Design™, giving you the ultimate permission slip to bring even more of your transformational gifts to your business.

Next, we review the data and determine if your pricing and packaging are aligned with the CEO you are becoming.

We'll use the Profit First system and all the tools and tactics of an innovative accounting firm to help you achieve the impact you are yearning for.

Through it all, we are working to install an Infinite Money Mindset™ - releasing all those stories holding you back.

Partner with Prosperity First and discover the rhythm and rhyme in your numbers, and focus on being the living embodiment of your purpose.

When you show up to your money, money shows up to your purpose.

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Our Accounting & CFO Services bridges the soul and the science of money. It combines subconscious transformation and proven tools, tactics, and strategies.

  • Bookkeeping
  • Cash Management
  • Trust Accounting
  • Human Design Coaching
  • Scaling (think better, not bigger)
  • Infinite Money Mindset Coaching
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Exit Strategies
  • and more...

Our levels of service include:


Thought Partner (DIY)

You know your capabilities, and you LOVE to implement – you just want a mentor to teach, guide, and hold you accountable. You are ready to set some goals, hit some targets, and have your BEST year ever!


Helping Hand (DWY)

You are one busy human! You know what needs to be done but don’t have the time (or desire) to do it all yourself. You KNOW that your time is best served doing what you do best! You are looking for someone to give you some high-level knowledge and the willingness to share the workload.


All-In (DFY)

If you are already thinking, “Who has the time to learn and implement all this? I want to be profitable NOW!” this service is for you. In conjunction with monthly strategic planning sessions, we can become your entire accounting office, implementing Profit First in your business, managing all your bookkeeping, producing USEFUL financial statements, and giving you a State of the Union update every two weeks.

Prosperity First is ready to help you maximize the profit in your business and amplify the prosperity in your life.

Email us at or fill out our contact form.

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